PC I5 Prozessor - 8 GB RAM - 1000 GB Festplatte
Mac G3
Atari 1040 ST

Genelec 1029A
Genelec 1091 A Subwoofer
Tannoy PBM 6.5
Nubert Typ 360
3x AKG Studio Headphones

Cubase 8
WaveLab 4.0
Reason 4

Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Console
2x Yamaha 01V (48 Channel)
MY8-AT Adat Card
MY8-AD Analog Input

TC Powercore (TC Voice-Strip – TC Vintage CL – D-Coder)
Sherman 2 Filterbank
Motu 2408 Audiocard
Emagic AMT8 MIDI transmitter
Lexicon MPX-500 24-bit Effect Processor
Aphex Aural Exciter
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Line 6 POD Guitar Effect
Hughes&Kettner Tubeman
Dunlop Cry Baby WahWah
Boss Octaver OC-2

DBX Quantum Digital Mastering Processor

AKAI S5000 Sampler
Roland JV-1080
E-mu Ultraproteus
Roland P-55 Piano Module
Yamaha RM-50 Drumcomputer
Korg 01W
Korg M1
Yamaha P-80 Electronic Piano

Komplete 8
Addictive Drums
Steven Slate Drums
Stylus RMX
Absynth 1.0
Absytnh 2.0
Halion Sampler
Hammond B4
The Grand Piano
Stylus Vinyl Groove Module
Pro 52
Pro 53

Yamaha CG-150S Acoustic Guitar
Martin&Co DXM Western Guitar
Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar
Frame 4-String Bass Guitar
Music Man 5-String Stingray Bass Guitar
Fender Acoustic Bass Guitar

AKG Solidtube Studio Microphone
Neumann KM-184
AKG D112 Bass Microphone
2x AKG C1000
6x Shure SM58

Refill - Chemical Beats - for Reason
EastWest - Funky Ass loops
EastWest – The ultmative Piano Collection
Real Megadrums 2
Real Mega Rhythm
Yellow tools - Pure drums
Masterbits – Ravers Revenge
Masterbits – Studio Selection
Masterbits – Trminaor Plus
Charlie Morgan – Master Drums
Vintage Megadrums
Horny Clubsounds
Wizoo Platinum 24 Acoustic Drums
Wizoo – Virtual Groovebox
Wizoo – T-Rex
Wizoo – Magnetica
Wizoo – Wave
Wizoo – LoFi Junkiez
άberschall Overdub Sensation
SSS – Laidback
SSS – Brushed
SSS – G-Soul
SSS – Country
SSS – House
SSS – Roots Raggea
SSS – Popped Vol.1
Brass Super Section
Best of XX-Large
Advanced Orchestra Vol. 1 String Ensemble
Advanced Orchestra Vol. 3 Woodwinds
Data Becker Monster Pack
Nicebytes – Synth Pack
Best Service Sound Cube